Classic Board Games- Timeless and Evergreen

Board games are one of the classic games that have been played since the 8th century. In modern day, games have expanded to a much bigger category. Although online games like online live casino in Malaysia have been taking over the world by storm, classic board games are still as popular as ever.

1) Monopoly

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Most of us have played monopoly before. Ugh, the frustration when you lost some of your money and the rush of adrenaline to make a fast decision. Supposedly, the most optimal numbers suggested to play this game consist of 4 players. However, a three or five person player is also compatible.  It is a game of war in the name of capitalism. It has the same concept as a casino in which you win some and lose some. That is the price you pay for the big reward. There are some benefits that can be gained from playing monopoly such as it helps with financial planning and investing. Playing monopoly can also maintain a healthy brain by exercising them. At the end of the game, we all can agree that this game depends on luck. 

2) Chess 

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This game is designed for two players and it requires strategy and critical thinking to win the game. Each piece has their own respective names like king, queen, knight and rook. The game will end if we can ‘checkmate’ our opponent. Players need to have a quick thinking skill. Anyways, if you aren’t interested in playing chess, you should check out Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. She’s the queen of chess and you’ll be hooked up with the intriguing chess skill that she possessed. 


3) Scrabble

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Who doesn’t like to show off their vocabulary skills? Flaunt your vocabulary skills by playing this game. It is a two to four player game. Scrabble is one of the ultimate crossword games ever. You can rack up extra points from placing letters on premium spots. Basically, it is a really good game to exercise your mind and you may walk away learning new words from this game. 


4) Snakes and Ladders

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Ah! The nostalgia of childhood. You roll the dice and hope that it lands on ladders rather than the snake. Don’t put high hopes though when playing this game! When you almost want to win, you might encounter the snake and you have to be hindered by falling down snakes. 

5) Mancala- Congkak 

congkak can also be played online

Congkak is a traditional Malay game that is popular in Malaysia. Usually saga seeds, marbles or rubber seeds would be used as the ‘balls’ of mancala. At the end of the game, congkak balls or fruits are counted from each house. Person with the most conceited fruit will win the game. The best part about playing congkak is the surroundings. People, especially kids will surround you to watch the game. The clamorous and chattering noise really brightens the mood. It is a good game for bonding time. 


All of the board games above are indeed nostalgic. When caught up in modern day stress, let’s opt for board games sometimes. Turn off any online game or screen you have and grab any available board games to start playing with the people around you. Playing board games is more entertaining than you realized. All right! Let’s play some board games.