6 Things Successful Architects Do

Architects have developed the habit of establishing order.

In architecture, repetition is a great thing. There are common thematic elements which are repeated over and over again to develop a habit of establishing order. Building materials, beams columns, doors and windows are all parts of the order of building things. All of these materials unify the design.

Architects break rules.

Once architects have established repeated patterns, it’s time to break the rules. Why? It balances the monotony of repetition. If you are thinking of starting an architecture career, contemplate on this well.

Architects engage the senses.

Architects design with senses in mind. Of course, opening homes with an amazing view is as crucial as shielding it from unwanted smells and noises. They always take into account the difference in feel of warm wood versus the cool one on a person’s feet, as well as the sound of the rain on a metal roof.

Architects tell good stories.

The most reputable architects in top architecture firms in Malaysia love telling amazing stories. They work on homes that tell the stories of their clients. In architecture school, they were taught to conceptualize their projects through a narrative. This narrative allows them to organize their thoughts, and guide them all throughout the process.

Architects take risks.

Architects take risks to accomplish out of the ordinary projects. Since they are moving on a creative field, they reimagine, rethink and invent fresh ways to do the same old things. The law of physics always applies, but gravity can be challenged.

Architects simplify.

Simplifying means eliminating unnecessary elements so the necessary ones can speak. Architects are trained to edit down the important components. If it fails to serve a function, it must be questioned. Elements with no functions must be removed.