Web Design

Fix Your Funnel: 6 Things To Eliminate From Your Website

Your website is an important tool that you can use to improve your brand’s online presence. It’s your own website–you can put anything you want to its pages. However, there are things that you should eliminate entirely. Here’s a list of things you should ask your web design agency to remove.

Dates on the Blog Posts

Focus on creating content that never go out of style. An example of these evergreen content are home DIY tutorials and motivational blog posts. There’s definitely no reason to add the dates. Doing so would make your posts look old and irrelevant.

Vague Headlines

Your headlines should communicate your message well. If there are headlines with vague messaging, remove them as soon as possible.

Social Media Icons in the website Header

It’s okay to lead people from your website to your social media profiles. However, ask yourself first if it will be beneficial in the long run. If it doesn’t meet your goals, then remove them. Also, the header is not the best place for social media icons. Put them in the footer.

Meaningless Section Headers

Check if the sub-headers in your content are meaningless. If you remove them, will it confuse your website visitors?

YouTube Suggested Videos

Embedding YouTube videos in your website can be good in a way, but what if it suggests totally unrelated videos at the end? Don’t forget to turn off the suggested videos feature.

Long Paragraphs

Not all visitors read long-form content. Most of them just scan for the most important details. If you want them to stay on your page for a long time, include short paragraphs. Make your posts scannable.