How Do You Encourage Repeat Customers?

What do you think keeps customers coming back to e-commerce websites? Is it discounts? Is it the products that you sell? Although the aforementioned things can potentially be reasons why people go back for more, there is actually one thing that an online business owner must do to help encourage more repeat customers: sending them emails.

A lot of people consider this as a lost art, but sending emails is actually still an ironclad thing, especially if you want to get more customers to go back.

In this article, I will go over some ways you can craft these emails that will ensure that more and more customers go back to your website.

Repurchase Reminder

If you sell products that run out like men’s shaving cream and other related products, then you should send emails whenever appropriate.

Sephora actually employs an amazing thing. They usually sell men’s items that run out after a couple of days, so they follow up with their customers after a considerable time has passed from their purchase.

That is why it is important that your customers create accounts before they buy things from you so that you can track this important information and send timely emails to them.

Although you could send emails directly to your customers immediately after they have made the purchase, they are more likely not able to see such emails after you send them simply because they still have fresh stock.

We Miss You

Another way for you to entice your customers to purchase stuff from you is by giving them emails stating that you miss them. Again, armed with the information that was previously stated, you can keep track of your customers’ last purchase and send them timely emails.

For instance, Starbucks sends out a “We Miss You” email after a considerable amount of time has passed. The email also states that if the customer has a problem with their service or products, they are willing to help.

In the same email, the company also gave an incentive for the customer to purchase their popular coffee again by giving them a 15% discount on their next purchase.

Encourage Them to Buy Similar Products

If you own an online store that sells products that should come with complementary pieces, then you can send emails (with incentives) to your customers to go back and get some additional items.

For instance, if you sell children’s DVDs for example, these usually come in different series and seasons and it is a great thing if the parents can provide their children with additional content.

Just like the Starbucks example above, you can provide them with an incentive to go back. For example, they buy two DVDs of the children’s program and they will get an additional one for free. Or maybe, you can even give them discounts as well.


Repeat customers are considered to be the lifeblood of any business. Although you want to drive a lot of potential customers to your website- you want people to actually come back for more. The tips I’ve imparted in this article works in this day and age. I even consider them timeless.