How to Properly Groom Your Baby?

Grooming your baby is not easy, especially for first-time parents. That is because your hygiene care is totally different for your newborn.

But do not worry, I am here to help you properly groom your baby. So, take out your baby bath and follow the tips that I’ve outlined today to help you get started.

Cut Their Nails

A newborn baby has fast growth in pretty much every area of its body. One of the parts that could grow quite fast would be their fingernails that is why you need to constantly trim them to ensure that they’re going to be safe.

That being said, you may want to procure some baby nail clippers, a file, and some nail scissors. Then, you want to give your baby a bath as this will help soften its nails to make things easier for you.

Next, you want to lay them down or allow them to sit on your lap. You want to apply gentle pressure on their finger pad just to ensure that the nails will stick out a little bit more.

Now, carefully snip the white part- making sure that you do not go below as it may cause harm. You want to trim your baby’s nails about 2-4 times depending on the length of their nails.

For the toenails, since growth is much slower than their fingernails, you only have to cut it once a month or so.

Caring for Their Teeth

When you have a newborn baby, you still want to stimulate their gums before their teeth spring up so that they will get accustomed to the sensation of cleaning their teeth.

If they still do not have teeth, you want to wrap your finger in a washcloth, the slowly swipe it over your baby’s gums. This can be safely done twice a day and you have to note that toothpaste won’t be necessary for this one.

Keep this routine up until they have full grown teeth. When this happens, you switch to a baby toothbrush instead.

Cleaning Their Ears

I want to point out something important here: earwax can be good for your baby because it protects their ears from bacteria, dust, and other elements.

That being said, you still want to clean the outer portion of their ears. You can do this by getting a cotton swab and then clean the outer layer- making sure that you do not insert the swab into their ear canals. You can do it every time they take a bath.

Trimming Their Hair

Your baby’s first haircut can be considered a milestone even if you really do not cut their hair as you normally would on yours.

Anyway, to help trim their hair, you want to allow your baby to sit on your lap or someone else’s while you’re doing the cutting. It also helps if your baby is asleep when doing this.

The only hair that you need to trim would be the ones that you think are out of proportion (for a newborn, not a lot). You want to focus on the bangs and the back of the head.

Make sure that you do not pull the hair, but instead, hold it in between your fingers gently and then cut it.