rain gutter in Malaysia

How to Repurpose Old Rain Gutters

It’s exciting to work on rain gutter DIY projects. Yes, rain gutter, you read that correctly! Is a rain gutter necessary for roof protection and water drainage? Correct, but did you realise that it can be used for so much more? It can be used in a variety of DIY projects. If you want to make your rain gutter in Malaysia stand out, here are some terrific upcycled ideas. It can be a jewellery holder, toy gatherer, bookcase, key holder, or a lovely plant “garden” when used properly. DIY rain gutters are fantastic recycled crafts that can be done on a budget or without one. Wood, plastic, or metal can all be used. Consider the possibilities!


  • Strawberry and Herb Planters

Another reuse option is to plant and produce excellent fresh strawberries in rain gutters, which are narrow containers. Use a gutter planter to grow basil, parsley, and other herbs to add to your meals if you enjoy cooking and using fresh herbs. Fix the planters to a kitchen wall for easy access while you’re cooking, but don’t forget to water them regularly so they don’t wilt.


rain gutter in Malaysia

  • Waterscapes

Gutters can also be used for creative outdoor water features. Here, gutters have been mounted on a wall to channel water from above down the wall and into a large tub below.


  • Patio Cooler box for Wine and Beer

First, crimp end caps to fit the gutter’s range, then caulk them entirely. Remove a section of a wooden table’s centreboard and modify it to fit the gutter. Simply place the gutter in the opening slot and fix it with metal screws on the interior of the table. Fill it with ice and tasty drinks for your visitors. Finally, relax and take it all in.


  • Supplies Storage

Cut your cheap gutters into short lengths, about 6 inches long, and stack and bind them together to create multiple rows of apertures. You can keep these gutter storage slots in a work bag or instal them on a table for easy access. It’s an excellent DIY project for enthusiasts with difficult-to-store and-organize resources.


  • Manage Cable Wires

If you have a tangle of cable wires in your workplace or living room, you can utilise desk-mounted rain gutters to create your own cord basin beneath your desk. This de-clutters your desk and removes the mess of unattractive cables, making it more efficient and pleasant.


  • Catching Chicken Droppings

Do you have any chickens? If you have a chicken coop, you are well aware that dealing with droppings is a challenge. You can catch most of the droppings before they hit the floor by placing a length of gutter under roosts or cages and incorporating a French cleat.


  • Picture Ledge

If you need a second location to display your photos for all to see, old gutters can be used. To begin, crimp the end caps onto 3-foot sections of the gutter and paint them any colour you want. Use them to display artwork or family photos by securing them to the wall.