Various composition of dry building mixtures for the manufacture of garden decor

Today it is time to unite and supplement the fundamental approaches to the selection and use of drymix mortar additives Malaysia and to talk in more detail about their impact on the time and quality of work on the manufacture of garden decor, as well as construction and surface finishing.

The main composition of dry building mixtures includes mineral binders

For the manufacture of artificial stone, as well as decorative plaster, one of the main components of dry construction mixture is cement, gypsum and hydrated lime.

They are mineral binders. When mixed with water, a plastic mixture is formed, which gradually hardens and turns to stone.

The main indicators of the hardened stone are its strength, water resistance, long service life.

If a dense and strong filler is included in the dry building mixture, then the strength of the artificial stone is determined by the quality of the mineral binder, the water-cement ratio and the degree (completeness) of the hydration reaction.

The mixture of cement and water (in contrast to gypsum) has a larger volume compared to the hydration product. Therefore, there is a slight shrinkage of the mass, in gypsum, on the contrary, expansion. In this regard, it is highly undesirable to mix cement and gypsum to accelerate the setting of the mixture (as advised by many masters). The required and permissible amount of gypsum, which is part of the cement, has already been provided by the manufacturer (1-4%).

Shrinkage is highly dependent on the conditions in which the solution solidifies. Therefore, it constantly need to be reminded: in order not to form cracks on the surface of the solidifying stone, it is necessary to keep the product covered with plastic wrap for several days. It maintains the necessary humidity of the air and the product itself, which in turn allows the hydration reaction to be carried out optimally. The maturation and hardening of the cement stone will take several more weeks, but the most important are the first days.

Gypsum and cement as mineral binders work well in compression, but do little to cope with the effects of tension and bending.