body piercing

Why Some People Love Body Piercing

Have you noticed how people are pierced on their bodies? Some have multiple piercings on their ears, nose, and even on their tongues. You might be surprised, but there are also people who have a pierce on their bellybutton. Yes, that is true like you will really wonder if they don’t feel any pain at all. 

body piercing

Do you think those who have body piercings are cool? Well, if you see people who have body piercings before, you will surely assume right away that they might be on drugs. But that is not the case anymore and in fact, you will see professionals at times who have body piercings as well. Do you know the best Piercing shop in KL? If you have no idea yet, you can check out this page and you will be directed there for sure in case you will also like to have piercings on your body. 

But before that though, here are some of the most common indications that you are already addicted to body piercing:

  • When you have other piercings in some part of your body aside from the earlobes. You see, as what is mentioned, some people have more piercings than the conventional like their earlobes. If you are like that as well, then I say you must really love body piercings. 
  • When you have your body piercing from a piercing parlour, you are right away thinking of doing it again sometime soon. This is a clear insinuation that you are already addicted to body piercings. 
  • When you have a number of body piercer in your phonebook. This means that you really enjoy body piercing as you have phonebooked that number and might be planning to deal with him again. 
  • When you are saving money because there is jewelry you would like to pierce on your body. This is really serious as it would seem that you are always thinking about something you can use to pierce your body like it is already your obsession. This is a clear sign that you are really addicted to body piercing. 
  • You aim to become a pro in body piercing that you are even thinking of becoming an apprentice. Maybe you are already talking about your body piercer so he can take you in and teach you about body piercing. It would seem like you can’t stop thinking about this at all. 
  • And lastly, you are very proud about the body piercings that you always brag about it to your friends and even family members that even if they don’t really approve of it, you still talk endlessly about it. This is an undeniable sign that all you think about is body piercing. 

Yes, you can also get addicted to body piercing despite the fact that the process is painful. If you are always planning to have this done on your body, if you are always on the lookout for something new to pierce on your body, without a doubt, you are already addicted. 

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