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Your Simple Guide to VPS Hosting

There are a lot of different hosting plans that are usually offered by the best web hosting companies out there. One of which is VPS hosting and you might have heard from someone that it is the ideal choice for many business owners.
Why is that? Well, read through the rest of the article to find out more about VPS hosting and why it is ideal for business websites and professional applications.

What is VPS?

VPS is an acronym that stands for Virtual Private Server. This basically refers to a server that was created with the use of a virtualization program that allows you to operate it just like you would a dedicated server.
You can install an operating system of your choosing, launch custom PHP scripts, have a more robust control panel, among many others.

What is Virtualization?

The reason why VPS hosting is considered a bridge between shared and dedicated hosting is that your website will still be placed in a server alongside other websites (such as in shared hosting) but you are given your own set of resources (such as in dedicated hosting).
Virtualization, therefore, is a means of providing a higher level of security by creating a contained environment for your website to operate in.
One of the main problems with shared hosting is the fact that the resources of a server are shared with other website owners in the same space. That is not the case with VPS hosting as you are given a specific set of resources based on the plan that you’ve signed up for.
Thanks to virtualization, you have more granular control over certain parameters pertaining to your website.

What is Linux VPS?

Linux is just one of the two main operating systems that work with web hosting. Because of its open-source nature, Linux is the most customizable operating system which is why it is the preferred OS to use by many different hosting companies.
That being said, what is the advantage of a Linux-based VPS? Here are some of them:

  • It is easier for you to backup all of your files
  • Since virtual servers basically use the same system interface, emulation overhead is significantly reduced
  • Despite it being an emulated environment, the fact that a virtual server still operates using the resources of the main server, makes it utilize every available resources it is given.

What is CloudLinux?

Most hosting companies embrace cloud technology to help improve their services across the board. That is why CloudLinux was born. This version of Linux was tailor-made for the cloud environment which will allow users to maximize the layers of resources that are available to them.
Furthermore, the cloud in and of itself is much more improved in terms of security and by using CloudLinux, one can further improve upon its existing security measures. The operating system was designed by high-level system engineers so that you can rest assured that it was developed with careful planning and practice.


All in all, VPS hosting is the way to go whether you are just having a regular website or an e-commerce website.